7 Meditative and Satisfying Art Activities for Adults

You find tones of art activities on your finger tips; Still do you hesitate to make a piece of art on your own?

Do you think there is a hidden artist in you but someone is pulling you back?

First of all, have faith in yourself that you ARE an artist by all means. and you are surrounded by art. This little shift in approach may bring lots of joy to your daily routine. We all just need to bring out the impression of the word ART from the closed boxes. Art is not only the pieces that you see in art galleries. It is right there at your home, your kitchen, your windows that expand your vision … Don’t they?

The truth is, without being aware of it, we are surrounded by art and use it on a continual basis. Most people don’t realize how much of a role art plays in our lives and just how much we rely on art in all of its forms in our everyday lives.

I understand there is a skill part of it which will come along with little patience about self and others, but that will surely come to you if you truly believe in yourself. I know it’s not easy but art itself will make you believe in yourself.

So let’s get started with some meditative and satisfying art activities for adults in this article. These art activities will surely help you to experience enhanced self and will also help you to become more productive at your work. 

Dot Painting with Cotton Ear Buds

Let us start with this simplest art activity. Connecting dots to make a drawing may not be so challenging because of predictability but coloring a shape with several dots together is a much more engaging and joyful activity. You can choose any subject to paint in front of you or maybe a bird of your own imagination. You can even start with simple basic shapes like square, triangle, or circle etc. Make size variation in dots to add another dimension to the painting.

In the beginning, if you are not comfortable, Draw an outer shape and another hint that will guide you for painting in detail. You can go as far as your creative guts challenge you.

Art Material needed: Water or poster colors, Earbuds or Cotton Swabs, A4 size paper (Minimum 150 GSM) color pallet, Brushes and water to adjust the constancy.

art activities bud painting

Flower Collage

Take some colorful inks or watercolors. Start painting on paper. Choose any direction From one corner to another or top to bottom. Keep in mind that you need to paint rainbow-type panting which means you need to start with one color and slowly mix it into others, one by one. So start with yellow; spread a bit towards green .. a bit dark green; mix it with a shade of a blue; then pure blue to Persian blue, then Violet to Pink to red. Don’t worry if it’s looking patchy. Just set yourself free. Let the colors flow. (You can just practice it with a variety of color combinations and textures. This Exploration is very relaxing, believe me)

Now let it dry completely and cut the petals of different sizes. some small; Some medium and some bigger sizes as shown in the image below. Arrange it in flow that it will look like a big flower. and enjoy the beauty that you have just created. It looks marvelous always!

Art Material needed : A3 size tinted or cartage paper, Water colours or inks, Paint brushes of Various sizes. water bowl and water to adjust the constancy.

art activities flower collage

Negative And Positive Space

There are a variety of art activities dedicated to this concept. Because this is such a fascinating thing to observe negative space playing an immensely important role in a design you make. Now, let us understand what “Negative space” is. It is space on paper that is not acquired by actual objects or paintings. Let us say if you have painted an apple on paper then the reaming white space is called “Negative space”. It plays a complex role when objects increases. Generally, it is neglected but it plays a significant role in the overall composition.

So let us come to actual doing part of it.

Take a broad strip of color paper; say 3 inches broad. draw any shape at the edges. Cut the shapes precisely and keep them aside carefully. Now take one plain white paper stick the remaining strip (which is in your hand) Now carefully paste the shapes with perfect angle so that it will create the mirror image of the cut shape. And see the result. You will be astonished to see the art you created without wasting a paper. I am sure the result with invite you to explore more and more complex shapes.

Art Material needed: A3 size back or white paper. Tinted color papers, glue.

art activities negative positive space


We have been using Zentangles designs traditionally on our palms. Yes, you guessed it right. “Mehendi” – our traditional art form. Be a little more creative, try out different patterns, and open to experimenting on various surfaces. You would definitely like to this art activity called Zentangle.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns, tangles. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves, and orbs. These simple shapes are the “Elemental Strokes” in all Zentangle art.

To start with we are going to use very basic and simple shapes. once you start permutation and combination you achieve a variety of forms out of it. you get tons of reference images online. It is very calming when you actually do it.

Art Material needed: A4 size tinted or cartage paper. 2 Sakura Pens, pencil, eraser, Sketchpens.

art activities zentangle patterns

Write any of your favorite word or your name Calligraphic way

Does any word or poetry or quote attract you to write it, paint it, and hang it onto your wall? give it a try with these guidelines and you will be happy to see hand made greeting or poster. If you can create meaning out of it then it will another great achievement for you, which is more fulfilling. to start with write a single letter or alphabet make it suitable bold. You can you use finliner pen or sakura micron pens for better results.

Now take another paper and write the whole word holding 2 pens together. You can tie them with a rubber. Adjust the angle with some tweaking. You will get a nice thick and thin line effect. Close the ends where ever needed and fill it with color or pen or pencil itself.

Art Material needed: A4 size tinted or cartage paper. 2 Sakura Pens or 2 Soft pencils.

For more details on calligraphy visit my blog for calligraphy art and calligraphy painting.

art activities calligraphy

Stone Painting

Take any stone sizable enough to hold and paint on it. Make sure that the surface is not very rough. Use acrylic colors to paint. You may give PU coating to the artifact later for better shelf life. It will be great if you study a shape a bit before you start. As you can observe every stone has its natural beauty accompanied by color, size, and shape. If you can take advantage of the shape you have and then make a painting on it will definitely enhance the joy.

you can also make collage out of it. For example if you have 10- 15 stones in hand you can paint Zentangles on it and arrange together to make beautiful composition. use similar color theme and pattern so that they look good when arranged together

Art Material needed: Stones, Acrylic colors, brushes of various sizes. Miniature brushes are more helpful.

art activities stone painting

Palm and Paw

This very engaging and ingenious art activity that you can explore with a group of people. Keep your palm on the surface of the paper draw a border with a pen or a pencil; observe it and find out the shapes you can relate it to. Or dip your hands into watery color mixture in a plate; take an impression on paper and discover things. Vary the hand movements to get many other shapes. Add some small element to it to make it more visible and visually more attractive

Art Material needed: A4 size tinted or cartage paper. 2 Sakura Pens or 2 Soft pencils.

art activities palm and paw

What age group is aimed for these art activities?

All these art activities are aimed for 18+ age group. These activities are not just meant for the children but also for adults.

Which drawing paper is most suitable for art activities?

Any paper that has thickness of 150 gsm and above is good. There are TK, tinted, cartage paper easily available in the market. You can also used stamp paper.

How much time is required to complete a single art activity?

It depends on the complexity of the art. But generally it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How much cost is involved in art activities?

The approximate cost for such art activities would be from Rs. 200 to 500. You can also use the material readily available at home and decorate as per your creativity.

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