A 3D Art Project That Will Arouse your Childhood Memories

The Camlin Children’s Park

Camlin (now Kokuyo – Camlin joint venture) is a very popular brand I have been seeing since my childhood. Being a child artist I used to participate in their annual competition during my school days. It was fun. And most of the time I used to win a prize. Since then I have used their products in all ranges from sketch pens, inks to poster colors and drawing books to Artist’s oil paints and brushes.

During my final year, Long back in 2009, at J. J. Institute of Applied Art, my specialization subject was Exhibition Display Design. I was supposed to design a 3D model of any product promotional display. So I had designed an Art Project named – Camlin Children’s Park.

It was a product promotional display park. The concept was “How wonderful it would be if children play with life-size toys designed in the shape of art material that they see in their life. What if the merry-go-round comes in the shape of the compass and so on.” The idea hit my mind and as a Display Designer, I decided to make a 3D model as a final year art project named – Camlin Children’s Park that I had envisioned then.

This Art Project won the prize titled “Best Project Work” at our college’s annual exhibition.

Art project camlin park

This is how the art project looks from a bird’s-eye view. The main garden area is designed in a color palette’s shape. It is elevated from the ground. 2 steps are designed to enter into the main play area. (All the images are true and taken actually. They are owned by me and are watermarked as ATFT)

Will take a short tour of this art project here. Following are the elements that are considered. Designed and integrated in the whole art project

  1. Entrance gate.
  2. watchman’s cabin.
  3. The main play area consists of (from left)
    • Merry Go round in compass shape
    • A Big Swing
    • Multi-purpose and full of the fun intended Slides
    • Swings Flower
    • See-Saw
    • Climb up- Roll-on
    • Product promotional Display of Camlin
  4. Outside of the main play area, there is a green area where children and parents, or anyone can play freely and hang around.
  5. There are stools and chairs to sit on and chit-chat. At the utmost left part, there is a canteen and then a toilet in the upper left corner. At the right end, there is a Big Camlin Store.

Let us explore more and enjoy the park with lots of photos below.

The Entrance Gate

This is the entrance gate of our park. It has an appearance of Camlin wax crayons and the pillars are overflowed with colors. I feel this gate invites you with colors and its warmth. Imagine how exciting it would be to stand at such a delightful entrance.

Material used: Colorful Straws, Paper, M-Seal, Acrylic Paints, Camlin Stickers, Thin Straws, Sun board.

Merry Go Round

art project Merry go round

This is a Merry-go-round of Compass shape. Children are expected to sit or stand holding the handles and have fun

Material used: Paper, Acrylic Paints, Camlin Stickers, M-Seal, Thin Straws and Sun board.

Here you can also have a close look at the stairs that I have already mentioned above. The inside part is filled with sand which is generally observed at the seashore. Children love to play in the sand and it is safe to play on it.

Material used: Foam sheets, Texture paper at border, Sponge for greenery, Acrylic colors

A Big Swing

Art project Big Swing

Swing has some magic attached to each. Everyone has his own story to tell regarding swing in his/ her childhood.

To create more such memories with your little one here is a Big Swing of Watercolor cake box. 2 of these pleasant memories have come together here!!! This is a color swing on which 4 or more than 4 children or a family can get accommodated and have fun together.

Material used: Wires, Sun Board, Thin metal chain. m-Seal, Acrylic and Glue

The Ink Pen Ladders

This is one of the unique feature of this Art project

To start with one has to climb up the stairs which are created using Camlin set squares. Then get through the zigzag bridge of oil pastels to reach the first floor of the Ink Pen! Wait; the excitement does not end here… The ink pen has 2 floors. The first floor on which we currently are has a spiral-shaped slide attached to it which can be experienced right after entering the pen. Climb again on the set squares, complete your journey and come back to the ladder on the first floor which is a path to climb on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor has 2 super cool slides which are huge in height. One of them takes you to the trampoline jumping board. Keep refilling your joy as well as the ink pen again and again until you are fully satisfied. I am sure you will repeatedly enjoy these slides.

Material used: Wires, Sun Board, M-Seal, Acrylic colors, Set Squares, Straws, Rubber sheet, OHP paper, Camlin sticker

Swings Flower

Art-project Swing flower

Swings are the most commonly enjoyable toy in any garden. Children stand in the queue and wait for their chance to come. Swing is a toy that can be enjoyed by any age group.

Swings Flower is a group of swings on which 6 children can sit on each one of the swings and play together. If we can see it from the top these playing children would look like petals of the flower. The outer shape of each bar is designed as Camlin’s pencil’s outer color and shape.

Material used: Wires, Sun Board, Thin metal chain. m-Seal, Acrylic and Glue


Art project See saw

This is a pencil-shaped See-Saw; Consisting of 3 see-saws at a time. which means 6 children can enjoy it at a time. I have always loved this game and its appropriate name; See -Saw. While one offers to see something the other one is in the position to say “saw” and the game continues.

Material used: Straw. Camlin pencils, M-seal, Acrylic colors

Climb up & Roll-on

Climb up art project

This is a simple but very enjoyable game. The child is expected to climb up from one side; where the “roll-on” bar is accessible to him or her. Then hold the handle of the bar and smoothly go towards the other end. One can continue to play vise versa.

Material used: Straw. Wires, Camlin stickers, Buttons, M-seal, Acrylic colors.

Product Promotional Display – Selfie Point

Art project Product Promotional Display

The era when I designed this park did not know the term “Selfie Point” But it is today’s one of the most popular terms. Anyways, though the term was not coined people used to take group photographers that would get added to the memory album. As it is shown in the picture there is a C for Camlin standing behind a watercolor tube who is playing the guitar. I always cherish my imagination and concept when I see this picture. it is locked in my “happy memories” folder in my brain. 🙂 This Display warmly welcomes every person in the garden and provokes their creative spirits.

Material used: Scotch-bright to right the name, Camlin water color tube, Sun board, foam sheet, texture papers, Acrylic color.

Now we will move around the toy area. The park isn’t finished yet.

Watchman’s Cabin

Art project watchman's cabin

At the very beginning of the art project, you can observe a cabin or ticket counter which is made for security people. The shape of the cabin is designed as a typical Camlin pencil’s outlook.

Material used: Sun board, corrugated sheet, Acrylic colors.

A Small Canteen

Art project camlin canteen

The park won’t let you go hungry 🙂 There is a well-maintained canteen in our park. All types of chat, yummy and healthy food is available in the canteen. Did you observe what is there besides the canteen? Are they poster colors? Yes, right those are the chairs in our to sit people and enjoy food, have a chit-chat with each other.

Material used: Corrugated sheet, Steel texture paper, straws. and bottles are made up of small plastic bottles, wrapped with paper and Camlin’s sticker on it

Dustbins and Washrooms

Here are the two utmost important things to keep our garden clean. There are Dustbins in the shape of Camlin’s sharpener. And of course, we do have clean toilets for both Ladies and Gents.

Material used: For dustbins, I have used sharpeners that are readily available and steel texture paper and to make washrooms I have used Corrugated sheets and Acrylic colors.

Camlin Showroom

This is my other favorite place in the garden. The Camlin’s showroom where you will get all the stationery and art material of Camlin. We have been using their amazing products since childhood. So here is the complete Camlin shop. The shop is accessible from the garden as well as from outside of the garden.

Material used: Ohp Paper, Sun board, papers, box boards, Stickers

Other Interesting Details

I remember I had drafted all the views (top view, both the side views) of the whole project and of every element in the garden. The dimensions of the project were acutely measured and designed. It is a complete scale model with detailed information about every single element that was put in the garden. It took 3 months to complete this project with other assignments to be completed simultaneously.

Digital walk-throughs were new in the market at that time, but I have always enjoyed making a 3D model by hand. This Art project is one of them.

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