Exciting and Action-packed Cover page Designs for Children Magazines

Cover page designing has played a crucial role throughout my graphic designing journey! I designed my first book cover page long back in 2008. The name of the book was “Odd vatechya kavita” Which was a print book of Marathi poems. It was a compilation of many Marathi poems which were written by many young poets including me.

Cover page designing is as tough as logo designing but it also gives much more freedom for artists to showcase his / her own designing style. That’s the beauty of cover page designing. If it is a book to be printed then it requires 3 major areas to be designed. Frontpage, back page, and the Spine of a book. In the case of an E-book of course there is no need for a spine and many even don’t go for the back cover.

Technically, the book cover page contents title of the book, its author and publication on the front page and back page contains detailed information about an author or some of the reviews about the book accompanied with the author’s information. It gives the viewer a good sense of the inner content and makes his decision-making easy.

Now, considering the magazine cover page, the content and concept vary at different levels than the book cover. The magazine cover has to promote the brand. Every time the title remains the same. Therefore photographs or illustrations which support the inner content play an important role both on the front and back page.

Very few magazines have the spine to design as they get printed every month or maybe trimonthly depending upon the brand and subject, the content is lesser than the book. It is a series of books for the same name so on the other hand, each new cover must be different from the previous issue but still familiar and recognizable to regular readers.

About Dyanyatree cover page and how I got to work with them.

I used to work as an art teacher in an experimental school in Nashik during 2014 -15. One of the school parents was the editor of the magazine. A school teacher introduced me to the parent, I showed her my previous work, discussed the general themes or expectations and started working with them.

Dynayatree is a trimonthly children magazine in Marathi, which covers stories, poems, activities and experiences of children. Instead of showing just the images of children the editor wanted me to design some activities for children on the cover page and back page. I accompanied it with a small write-up about how to do that activity and also some sort of extensions for that particular art and craft activity.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process. It included some research about the activity, sometimes modify it for the suitable age group and the theme for that particular issue of the magazine. Then I would actually execute the activity on my own. Click some photographs of it and then put it on a cover page and back page as one of the key elements of it. Then I would write a short description addressing the children.

The activity and photograph should look like an attractive cove page was a very challenging part of the whole process. To make it a little bit easy I use to put the final product photographs on a front-page while the back page would explain the process of the activity visually and verbally. Sometimes I just illustrated some drawings according to the subject of the issue.

Look at some of the magazine cover page.

Cover page 1

Dnyanyatri cover page 1

Here, on the right side of the image is the front cover page. One simple matchbox activity is shown in the image. It is a matchbox greeting card. Children are always fond of the shape and functionality of a matchbox. therefore keeping that thing in mind I designed an activity around it.

On the back page, there is a short story illustrated around matchbox. A man comes out of the matchbox. Then he climbs up the staircase of a matchbox and so on. Basically, I have weaved a story around the cuboid objects and the man. Children are expected to continue the story.

Cover page 2

Dnyanyatri cover page 2

Every year I designed Diwali special cover page with different art or craft themes. this one is made with newspaper. I have tried to explore many types of treatment with newspapers. for E.G. you can see on the front page, I have written “Shubha Deepavali” with small pieces of newspaper. Those are unfinished in nature because have actually torn the newspaper. If you look at the decoratives motifs besides this, it is precisely cut with the help of scissors. the flower of the newspaper made with another different method and finally the frame! It has been made with a thin newspaper roll.

On the left-hand side, first I made a collage of newspaper. Then painted trees, clouds, birds, and grass with black poster color. Then I made a peacock using a simple technique. So here on this cover page and back page, I have covered the most simple and complex methods that can be used to make greeting cards or any such piece of art with a variety of techniques in the same composition.

Cover page 3

Dnyanyatri cover page 3

You can guess the material. Those are Ice cream sticks. on the front page, I have designed some bookmarks with simple small objects and ice cream sticks. They have stuck together. here one needs to use thick paper to make objects so that they won’t fold easily.

on the back page, I have made some complected objects. They look complected but they are quite simple and very attractive. on the left top, it’s a formation or you can use it as a “rangoli” or any sort of decorative items which can be hung on the wall as well, At the bottom left I have made a pen stand and painted it with acrylic colors. I have attached a cross of sticks behind the main pen stand and then stuck it on the cupboard.

At the right-hand corner I have made a tea coaster and painted it with acrylic colors.

Cover page 4

Dnyanyatri cover page 4

This particular issue was about to publish in the month of January. So the theme was “Sankranti”. and I have used wool as the base material to make objects out of it. In Maharashtra, on the occasion of “Sankranti” people wish “Til Gul Ghya; Goad Bola”. Tilgul is a special sweet made to celebrate this festival. It is exchanged with another person wishing the sweet and better relation ahead.

To make these objects, I cut the 2 thick papers into the shape of a kite. Stuck the wool in such a way that slowly it will get filled up and create a nice linear texture. At the center part, I have stuck wool in the circular motion. Below that, I have stuck wool in the shape of alphabets. It says “Tilgul ghya; goad goad bola”

on the back page, I have made patterns using wool on the CDs. This simplest activity requires lots of patience and neatness. So though it looks simple it is challenging and satisfying for children.

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What is cover page design?

The cover page is the first page of the book. It is a face of a book, Therefore it has been visually appealing to prospective buyers. Cover page design communicates with the buyer even before reading a preface, therefore it has a special connection with the person who observes and understands it. It contains the Title of the page, author’s name and name of the publication, or any special mention like “best seller” and so on.  However, the designer has to keep in mind that “Cover Page Design” includes the design of the back page and the spine of the book.  It varies depending upon what you are designing it for like, magazine or E-book or calendar, or any other publication.

What is the difference between the magazine and book cover page design?

The book cover is mostly a one-time thing vs magazine demands a series of cover pages depending upon the periodical publication. Challenges also differ while designing a magazine cover page and a book cover page. The magazine cover page carries similar styles in every single magazine vs the book cover page demands uniqueness.

How to decide a concept for cover page?

To decide the concept one needs to go through the overall content. Or you may discuss it with the author or the publication house (in a case of the magazine) to have a brief idea about it. You may go through the table of content to know the thing better and discuss with the client what is to be highlighted.

How to design a Cover page for Facebook?

The Facebook cover photo size is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on a desktop. However, mobile users will see 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. Decide the topic or a photograph you would want to showcase on your wall, arrange it well. The profile picture would overlap on it a bit. Therefore make sure your design or photograph won’t get affected.

How to design activity based cover page for children?

Children love to do hands-on activities And they enjoy process more than the end result. Therefore choose or design the activity wisely and then present it on the cover page. You yourself need to execute the chosen activity beforehand. You can also visually demonstrate the activity with the help of progressive photographs.

Which software can be used to design cover page?

Nowadays there are many soft-wares are available. Earlier I used to design on Adobe illustrator, Corel draw and adobe photoshop. But today there are various platforms like canva is available, where you get templates for the cover page and you can modify it as per your need.

What is difference between E book cover page and P book cover page?

While designing an E-book cover page resolution of the images or photographs does not really matter because you can design it in 72 dpi rather it is recommended that the file should not become heavy so that the page would load faster. While P book cover demands excellent image resolution so that while printing the image won’t get pixelated.

How to decide price for cover page?

There is no fixed rate card. Deciding the price is always changing. But you can offer a range from Rs. 1,000 to 5,000 depending upon the brand, the amount of work and time you are investing in it and of course the type of medium it is being used for.

How to choose font for a book cover?

Typography plays an utmost important role in most of the cover pages. Please keep in mind that it is a process and there is no quick fix for this. You can choose your font according to subject and target audience. Also, the title should suitable for illustration or photograph on the cover page if there is any. There are some websites like dafont.com which allows you to type your word to see a preview. That might help with the selection of the font. But overall the book and the cover page should look like a family. Therefore it is recommended that a maximum of 2 types of fonts. Sometimes designer creates their own as per the layout and subject requirement.

How can I make a 3D book cover?

Nowadays there are websites that provide this service at a very cheap rate say Rs. 350 to 400 per mockup. But if you have some time and some designing skills, then you can make your own mock-up for free. It just needs a little bit of tweaking in Photoshop. You get free mock-up images for free. Download them, Embed your design into them and edit it as per your need.

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