Secrets of Logo Design Process and How I Applied It

I personally love to design logos of any kind. Every time the logo design process enriches me with new challenges and satisfaction of fulfillment. As we know, the logo is a visual depiction of an organization or a person or a brand. It’s the first impression that catches the eye of a viewer. It is not that easy to depict the whole thing in such a small element or a group of elements.

The logo should be Simple, appropriate, resizeble, timeless, memorable!

The logo design process demands to be a very precise and innovative thinker. and being a logo designer one needs to understand core things or values to be presented in a very short and sweet way. The inner process is much complex than we assume. There are some most simple and yet astonishing logos that inspires me a lot. They give me a sort of satisfaction. When I look at those logos I can feel my mind jumping in and say “hurray”!!!

So let us start with the logo design process or a journey.

There are several steps that are involved from the beginning

Creative Brief – Research – Ideat – Sketch – Digitise – Present – Refine – Deliver

The first step of logo designing process is getting a right creative brief and if possible relative images. Or else after a brief introduction I share some of the images to just confirm that we both are on same page. Telephonic conversation or an online meeting helps better to understand more.

Then comes the research part. research about the particular business and its competitors, their logo. Over all market trend and mindset about the product or service. Sometimes I need to understand the technicalities of the product so that I can deliver a better option by incorporating such relevant element in the logo.

Then comes the ideation and sketching part. These steps goes hand in hand. If you research strong enough most probably the ideation or designing a theme becomes easy. While sketching many a times I let my brain draw many ideas or elements or variety of combinations. At this stage I also do research for good or suitable fonts. This helps for composition / Monogram and overall ideation.

Then comes the digitization part of logo design process. With help of vector software I convert the selected work into digital format. Then refines it’s look and feel, Get some color options to present in front of the client. and make a detail presentation of each and every option.

Then i present it to the client to have more discussions or any suggestion before we make a final decision. Some times the work need to refined again or do some minor or major changes depending upon the client’s need.

And then once everything is finalized then I deliver a vector file.

Here are some logos that I have designed. Unfortunately I do not have photographs of the process. Will explain it in words.

Logo Design Process 1 – Budding Future

This logo was made for a local play school, Name – budding future. This is one of my very initial work when I was very new in the field.

The client wanted a mascot attached with a logo that will represent Play, Progress, Happiness, Activity and should be cute enough to represent playschool children. In the first picture from the left, you can see a sketch of a snail which was then digitized to convert into a logo.

The second option was a mascot who is ready to fly higher. I also did some experiment with typography in logo.

I personally liked the first one which has snail and mushroom. The thinking process behind the logo was children at this age group are very close to nature. They love to get wet in the rain. They just have fun with anything and everything around them. They are very curious and very adaptive with surrounding just like a snail. And that is how they learn.

The second one got approved because the client had a different vision and thought than me

Logo Design Process 2 – Shakti

This bilingual logo was designed for Self Help Group run by group of women. The client had demanded calligraphic logo

The concept of “Shakti” was to deliver a software to these women in SHG to have transparent finance accountability and management.

Here I would like to mention the tool I have used to do calligraphy. I have used a small piece of a tree trunk. The grace, boldness, inherent flow, color combination, and some elements in the logo clearly depict “women empowerment”. So that is how the logo evolved with 10 -12 calligraphic attempts. Finally fine-tuned with a digital version in photoshop and delivered to the client.

Logo Design Process 3 – Studio 77

Logo Design Process

This is again a bilingual logo. – Studio 77

The business is all about digital photos and videos. So I have used the power of negative and positive space. While clicking the camera the two shutters open and closes in micro-seconds depending upon the shutter speed of course. Therefore I have written the letter O in the shape of shutters.

The logo looks sleek and classy yest trendy and coveys the intention of business

Logo Design Process

This Logo was made for a magazine chapters.

The subject was “solar energy for sustainable development”

The elements that are seen here are Kite, The Sun and part of Solar panel and a wire attached to it

This particular logo was designed to showcase the use of solar for electricity purposes. I did some research for this. I asked for some experts in the field and gained some knowledge about the ways to use solar energy for sustainable development. There are such organizations that install solar systems in rural and tribal parts of India and make the development holistically sustainable.  

Here I have related Kite with Solar energy or say Solar pannel. The thought was solar energy is as accessible as kite. It also brings happiness to the human, to the society in general like a kite does. Because of pannels electricity has been made available in decentralized way they symbolizes the whole solar system. So I have combined the structure of pannel and shape of kite keeping the Sun at it’s core place. Hope you would also enjoy the process.

Logo Design Process

This logo was designed for one of the wing of the organization called QUEST (Quality education Support Trust) As the name suggest the trust works in the field of education specially for primary and pre-primary  children in rural and tribal area.

The name written here is pronounced as “Anka” which means a number. This wing works in basic math. I have combined a number 1 in the logo

So, coming to the conclusion part, the most important secret is you should love to design a logo. Be crazy at observing brands and their logo. Make a note of which one did you like and why did you like it. Be ready to sketch out-of-the-box ideas on paper. and that is how the logo will evolve. I know some clients are really really tough but there are some who definitely understand you as a person and as a designer.

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